alex scholing consultant, art director, designer


It’s new and it’s free: CoreHumanistSans.

It’s a lot more rational than Helvetica or DIN, but also a lot more friendly. A strictly neutral international typeface for everyone. View and download.


Koeweiden Postma

For 469 days I worked at design office Koeweiden Postma in Amsterdam. I’ve collected some of the stuff that I did there. (read on)


Having fun with a fish eye lense while shooting for a client


Beer, but differently.

Packaging for upmarket, natural beer of high organic quality. Special Beer, Blond Beer, White Beer, Dubbel and Tripel. Premium, distinctive and not to be confused. (more)


PCM newspapers

Recruiting research for four Dutch newspapers. (more)


‘The first time I have actually read an annual report.’

Annual report Kröller-Müller Museum. (more)


Recordings, Boomfilm, VPRO

Graphics for a series of TV documentaries.


Dutch Architects, BIS

Seventh edition of the well known list of Dutch Architects. (more)



Encore (University of Amsterdam)

Logo for an international academic network of economic researchers.



Motivational posters for a juvenile correctional institute with a problem. (more)


FF Roice

Evolution of the typeface ‘Engine’ of 1995. Still unconventional but with better manners. For sale through FontShop. (more)



Doubled turnover for ecologically neutral household detergents. (more)


City of Amsterdam

Annual report. It couldn’t be any more colourful. (more)


Dutch Designers Association (BNO)

Strikingly designed textbook about designing product packaging. (more)


Ministry of Economic Affairs

Tough figures made attractive and accessible. (more)



Logo and corporate identity for online funds trading: change is the only constant factor. (more)


net:ventures and net:integrators

Two related logos for two related companies. (more)


Ads for FontShop.

Two series of ads for a maverick supplier of royalty-free stock photos. The one aimed at designers the other aimed at the advertising industry. (more)



Series of French billboards on the occasion of the World Cup ’98. (more)