alex scholing consultant, art director, designer

It’s more rational than Helvetica or DIN, but also more friendly: CoreHumanistSans.


A strictly neutral international typeface, in three weights, for everyone.

It’s friendly and open and it reads well. It comes standard with small caps, old style numbers, table numbers, ligatures, alternative glyphs for a, e, g and E, arrows in all directions and last but not least: Central European Language support. View a type specimen here (PDF).

CoreHumanistSans is easy on the eye and it works well in display sizes as well as running text.

A complete set of characters with some stylistic variations.


CoreHumanistSans-Regular (Mac & PC OpenType) is completely free. In order to download and use CoreHumanistSans-Regular you must read and agree to the terms of use.

Yes, I have read and I agree to the terms of use and I want to download.

The Bold and Light weights are now available at Fontspring and MyFonts.

I hope you enjoy using CoreHumanistSans as much as I enjoyed making it. For comments and suggestions you can send me an email. I’m also interested to see CoreHumanistSans in use, so feel free to send me samples of projects in which it is used. In the meantime you can also check out my Facebook page.

You do not have to mention CoreHumanistSans or in the credits of projects in which the font is used, but - if at all possible - it’s greatly appreciated if you do.

Cheers, Alex